Shopping Diet

Nov 1, 2011

Today, 11/1/11, marks day one of my shopping diet. I am on a mission to save money while also stretching the abilities of my closet. I certainly have plenty of clothes in my closet currently, and most don't get worn often. I always want something more...more dresses, more boots, more dress slacks...but now I am going to try to make due with what I have and try combinations that stretch my comfort zone.

My two rules:
1. Only buy Christmas gifts for others from now until Christmas.
2. If I want something for myself, I have to thrift shop for it. Thrift shopping more was on my list of goals for 2011, so now is my time to make that happen if I need some retail therapy. I don't know of many good thrift stores near me, so maybe if I find some hidden gems I can share them on here.

Wish me luck!

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