After The Holidays

Dec 23, 2011

There are a number of things I am looking forward to after the holidays...
  • Having a regular routine back. I.E. cooking dinner, hitting the gym, relaxing..
  • Having my regular work hours back
  • Starting to watch Grey's Anatomy again. I am trying to catch up and am on Season 5.
  • Going to San Francisco and Napa Valley. It's for a work trip, but there will be some time for fun also.
  • Having my bank account not hate me
I say all of this now about wanting down time back, but in a few short weeks I am sure I will be saying I need excitement in my life. I guess that is they way it always goes..never satisfied.

Time to start brainstorming ways to improve myself, way of life, and work strategies in 2012.....

What are you looking forward to after the holidays commence? Do you have any goals for 2012 (I hate resolutions, so we shall call them goals)?


  1. I really NEED to get better organized in 2012.. That is my main goal!! And open an etsy shop :) And hopefully have a baby too. Lol.. lots of wants!

  2. love it!!!!

  3. I have lots of resolutions (er GOALS :)! Not eating so much dang food, getting my butt on the treadmill and trying to ENJOY each moment in my life.

    Love your "goals"!



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