Home-Made Holiday

Dec 2, 2011

This Christmas I want to do my best to shop local and add homemade touches to all my gifts.

I read that $45 of every $100 spent at a locally-owned business stays in the local economy. Only $14 of every $100 spent at a chain store stays in the local economy. So, I plan to do my part to support my local economy.

Here is some of the inspiration behind what I plan to do:
1. Burlap gift bags- ideally for bottles of wine.
2. Using simple brown wrapping paper, and adding flair with handmade gift tags. I have the paper for my tags ready to go, I just need to find the brown paper. Know where I can find some?
3. My mom and I want to make hand-made Christmas cards this year too. I don't send to many people but here is what I hope to do. I adore buttons, so this has my name written all over it..

And how cute is this idea for a card holder? Learn how to make it here
Finally I saw these printable gift tags on Pintrest and thought I would share.

Thank goodness for Pintrest. You can follow me here.


  1. I'm going to try my best to do homemade gifts or buy from local stores this Christmas too! One thing that I'm doing is wrapping my gifts with newspaper and just tying on a cute bow--saves money and trees!

  2. Every single one of these images I want to try and re-create! We must be in the same holiday vibe :)

  3. That's funny! I loved everyone of your images on your post today too. I guess we have the same taste :). Pretty sure we would be bff's in real life.

  4. Not only are the packaging and gift tags cool but everything else as well! The clothespin wreath is stellar. Thanks for linking up!
    <3 Anna

  5. Hi! Over from IHOD! Love the burlap bags idea; and the fact that you shop local.

  6. Super cute finds! I'm lovin on the clothespin wreath too!


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