Tangerine Tango

Dec 12, 2011

Pantone announces that Tangerine Tango is set to take top honors of the 2012 color of the year. Learn more here.

How will you incorporate this color into your 2012?

Here are some ideas...

{Tangerine Scene}

A fun print.

Or perhaps in a smoothie... Try this recipe.

As a pop of color on your walls. Via here.

A great Burberry jacket..found here.

Or as your front door focal point!


  1. Fun ideas! I would love a colorful front door.

  2. wow tangerine is gorgeous!! i definitely agree it was the color of the year and it is bright anod not something drab like grey or taupe

  3. I picked orange nailpolish for my pedicure one time, and never heard the end of it from my parents - but I thought it was cute!

    xx Emily @ laughliveandshop.blogspot.com

  4. I love it! Such a fun color!

  5. I'm slowlyyyy trying to work my way to like orange. The chevron print I'm loving in it :)

  6. What a yummy color. If only the hubs would let me paint our front door like that :)


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