Guest Post: A Southern Drawl

Jan 16, 2012

As you know I am off in San Francisco for work this week. Today I have Grace from A Southern Drawl here to do a guest post. She is one of my new favorite bloggers. If you go check out her blog I guarantee you will feel the same. So here she is:

Hi everyone! I'm Grace from A Southern Drawl. I blog about my style, life, and just awkward and funny things that happen way too frequently (mostly because of my underestimated sarcasm). I was thinking today of basic rules people can follow to expand their wardrobe or outfit in an easy way. Lately, I'm finding it hard to recycle my clothes, and I'm definitely on a budget, so I have to make do with what I have ( that even grammatically correct?). So here they are:

1. Mix prints and patterns - I find this super hard. At first, when you mix two completely different patterns, you feel like you look like a dumbo and everyone is staring at you when, in reality, nobody knows you exist (did I just put a damper on this post?). But it's worth it. Lately, as in once today, I tried to pair completely different patterns/colors together. Once I got over the fact that I don't look as stupid as I feel, I was like hm...I kinda like this outfit. So be creative with it!
We all know if Anne Hathaway can do it, then it's definitely legal.

2. Don't be afraid to be bold. Wear bold colors or even bold lipstick. I had to warm up the idea to wearing red lipstick, but once I did, I find it going well with a lot of my outfits. You just have to get...acquainted...with it. Lately, I was doing the usual, and stalking the Kardashians' outfits and such while being vigorously captivated by their life on E! (more so than my own; yes, I know, pathetic). But, it did get me somewhere! I saw them start wearing fuschia lipstick. It's interesting how they play around with bright bold colors, but this one definitely caught my eye. So I decided to try it out on myself, and surprisingly like it. Not only with lipstick, but with clothes too. Colorblocking is always a pretty good "go-to", though I sometimes have a tendency to colorblock terrible colors together. I'll learn, eventually.

3. Take advantage of jewelry/accessories- It's always inspiring when I see great jewelry pieces.  I guess this kind of goes with the whole "be bold" rule, but bear with me.  When I first thought of this, I immediately think of that one Dior commercial with Charlize Theron, and she's walking with a cool song in the background and she's got this really great necklace on that I sometimes drool over whenever I see the commercial--yes, that one.  But a more practical example, is I found with Taylor Swift.  Simple outfit, yet colorful earrings which makes it.  And maybe it helps that she's just gorgeous, and the stones happen to match her eyes, but I mean we can look past that, right? Right.

4. Invest in denim wide-legged trousers - Trust me, it's worth it! No picture for this one, since I was too indecisive too pick (typical), but I've found this type of denim a great go-to for a going out outfit, whether it be for the day or for the evening. My favorite pair is by Michael Kors from Macy's. It was originally $120 and I got it on sale for $40, which made victory feel SO much better. BUT I also got a fabulous pair from gap (recently) for TEN dollars. Can you believe that? On sale. Ten dollars. I'm pretty sure it was two sizes too small, but that was a deal I couldn't pass up. I'll squeeze my cheeky tush into those suckers, don't you worry.

5. When in doubt, belt it. It's flattering, and makes you look like a skinny minnie. And belts go well with everything. The belt could be dark, textured, colored, bright, animal print, etc. Anything. And that's the great part about it. Here are some great belts that I found, and most likely will stalk in the store until they go on sale.
Welp, hope that wasn't too boring. Feel free to stop on by.  I don't bite, I swear! Ok, well, sometimes, if I'm hungry, but that's a legitimate excuse, obviously.

Ok ladies, now it's time to go check out Grace's blog. She did a great job of following her #1 tip in this post.


  1. Love these rules and love Grace's blog. Your blog is super adorable too, I am now a follower. would love for you to stop by my blog sometime! :)

  2. What a lovely blog of Grace, such good advice
    Thank you


    An Online Wardrobe for worldwide Fashion Lovers

  3. New follower to both blogs!
    Good stuff thanks for sharing your tips and advice.
    I find my self discovering new outfits when I stop being so picky and over analytic about my wardrobe. It's only then that I put things together that I never thought about and you know what?? It works and the outfits are cute!


    1. Woo! Thanks for following. I agree that great outfits are born when you stop worrying about the little things.


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