Packing and Prepping

Jan 8, 2012

I've been busy getting ready for my week-long trip to San Francisco. Lining up all the last minute details for the show, and trying to get packed. My suitcase is still empty..

I have to have outfits for all the different situations: long days in business attire, setting up and tearing down the booth in comfortable clothes, fancy dinners, Napa trip, casual sight-seeing, and travel outfits. Good thing I have this handy-dandy outfit planner

Some what hard to see in pictures, but you can draw an outfit on the illustrations for every day of the week. You can also write a detailed description of the outfit for morning, afternoon, and night. I often forget to use this, but it comes in handy for trips.

There is some great stuff to come this week, but until then I will be busy packing.


  1. I LOVE MY STYLIT! Too bad I used it up for 2011 and had to make my own make-shift version for 2012!

  2. Love the planner! My art skills would end up making it look horrible though. I hope you have the most amazing time!

  3. How fun! Can't wait to see recaps of your trip.

    And I love your vera bradley bag- so pretty!

  4. I'm jealous! Love SF! Have a fabulous time!

    ps...LOVE your vera bag! ;)

  5. That is super handy! I will have to get me some of those! Have fun on your trip!! Yay for VACATIONS!


  6. whhatttt an outfit planner?? NEED!!

  7. That is possibly the coolest thing I've ever heard of!!!! I'm a new follower and I'm looking forward to reading new posts once you're back from your trip!!


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