Feb 23, 2012

So most of us know about birchbox and may or may not have been a subscriber at one point (or still currently subscribe). Sidenote: I am thinking about re-newing my subscription..thoughts on that? This fulfills the inner beauty queen in us. But what about that inner foodie living inside you?
Well drumroll please.... Introducing blissmobox!! Maybe you already know about this..but I had never heard about it until my comapny attended the Fancy Food Show a few months back. For $19 a month you receive organic and eco-friendly products each month. I haven't joined yet, but plan to! Here's a look at one of the sample boxes:

This may not interest you all, but I am sure a few of you readers will find it intriguing. If so, check out their site here and see what you think.


  1. I hate my Birchbox subscription haha. I can't wait till it's over. This is one of the first months that hasn't sucked in awhile. ;)

    1. Good to know! I guess I won't re-up my subscription to birchbox. Boo. Maybe we can be eachother's birchbox and just send cool packages each month worth $10. Ha.


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