See Ya Later Shopping

Feb 22, 2012

Lent begins today for those of us who are Catholic.  I am giving up shopping, I did it last year and hopefully can have the willpower to do it again this year. Last year I allowed myself to thrift shop (because I am trying to encourage myself to do that more)..I haven't decided if that will be allowed this year.

I ran to the mall yesterday to get my last fix before this so called shopping diet.
I had to get my Bare Escentuals foundation powder..I use the Fairly Light Matte Powder. How about you?

I then popped into Francescas and picked up this printed dress on sale and a new yellow scarf.


I shopped online for a pair of Aldo boots I had been eyeing but that were not available in the store in my size. So these beauties are on the way to my house as we speak.

So, wish me luck.. I'm not the only crazy one. Hilary of The Young and the Naive is giving up shopping too. We plan to help eachother stay strong and resist temptation..we also plan to do a clothing swap so we can have some fresh items in our closets but not shop for them....sneaky aren't we?


  1. May the force be with you and this most impossible quest.

  2. girlfriend I am super impressed!!

  3. I LOVE FRANCESCA'S. I absolutely loove that store. I was thinking about giving up something for lent, but i wasn't entirely sure what, so in the end I didn't. I'm not really sure what I could handle, although shopping is a good one!

  4. Haha I totally went out and did some emergency shopping to tide me over when I gave up shopping once too! Love your Francesca scores!

  5. Good luck! What a great idea! This is something I need to do as well. Lent or not!

  6. Love all your recent purchases! I've been trying to find a yellow scarf I like. That one is great!


    1. If you have a Francesca's nearby I recommend going to see if they have this scarf. I wore it today for the first time and literally have gotten at least 10 compliments so far.

  7. I gave up meat (i'm a carnivore)! but I think giving up shopping would be ten times harder. i rely too much on retail therapy (oops)!

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