Valentine Swap

Feb 16, 2012

Hi there...Remember me? I'm still sorting out my computer problems but am trying to get a quick post in for this lovely Valentine's Swap I was a part of that Caroline and Alissa put on. Props to them.
Read about the swap info here.

I was paired with the lovely Paige of Artsy Anthropology. Not only does she have a great blog, but she has an adorable Etsy shop too. Check it out here. I have gotten to know her a lot through twitter recently, and I found that  not only do we have some common interests (Hart of Dixie) but that she is also a great gift giver. Check out my gifts:

{All the goodies}

 {A close up up my chocolate sea salt grahams, and adorable card}

{The nail polishes I was hoping for. Yay!}

{Adorable owl, which doubles as lip gloss}

{bangles and wine opener}

{Bath fizzes and goodies from her etsy shop}

I am so glad I participated in this swap. Go check out the great blogs mentioned above and all of the others that participated. Thanks for hosting Caroline and Alissa!


  1. What a cute idea for Valentine's.. those are great nail polishes!

  2. oh so cute! i love the little owl :)

    thanks for participating in the swap! we loved having you!!


  3. I always miss out on swaps! Haha I need you to fill me in! ;)

  4. How fun! I love all these cool blogger exchanges. Definitely need to get in on it.


  5. Oh wow, what cute little stuff! I wish I could have participated in that swap.

  6. That is such a great idea! I need to get in on something like this. That owl is precious and I hope your computer problems are coming along!

  7. Thanks for the comment! But seriously try it and let me know if it works, but it has done wonders for me :D


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