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Mar 27, 2012

I'm a big fan of Etsy (who doesn't?) and love discovering great items on the site. It's a lovely way to support artists, small or large.

Today's Etsy store: Linda Dearie is owned by one of my favorite bloggers, Linda, over at Little Tin Soldier.

I always adore when she wears her bib necklaces in outfit posts. Find one of my favorite ones here.

Go check out her store and do yourself a favor and buy one of the bib necklaces.


  1. Love these necklaces! Especially the one you posted!

  2. oh my gosh I love that necklace in the last pic!
    Etsy is full of such inspiration and talent, I wish I could make things from scratch!


  3. I love the necklace!! so unique :) xo -Bo

  4. I love bib necklaces, I have 2 smaller ones but her's are actually super gorgeous! Her shop is now on my mental list after my no new 2012 is over! Xo Lori

  5. omg i love it! thats so cute! i just started using etsy,its fabulous!

    xx Kelly

  6. Thanks for featuring my necklaces! You are very sweet.


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