Something Good

Apr 19, 2012

(A print I saw at Home Goods that I may go back to purchase for my office)

Howdy. I know it's been a while...
My creativity and desire to blog just hasn't been there and life has been getting the best of me, so I just took a small break. I don't want blogging to feel like a chore, so I want to be sure I only blog when it feels right. I hope you are all okay with that. I will just stay consistently inconsistent.

Now for a link up. I joined in on the Something Good Swap. I am going to write about a few of my favorite things so my secret pal can learn more about what to send me.

I Love:
-Anything related to chocolate and wine
-Nail Polish
-Fun graphic prints
-Dr. Seuss
-Fashion Magazines
-Live Music (Most recent obsession: City and Colour)

I want to learn more about:
-Graphic Design
-Coach John Wooden. (check out his Pyramid for Success.)

This is random. But it's what I have for now.


  1. Home goods always has the best stuff! I always love reading your blog, so I'm glad to see you back :)

    p.s. your "love" list couldn't be better.

    A Southern Drawl

  2. chocolate (milk) and wine are at the top of my list too ;)

    glad to have you participating in send something good! talk to you soon!

  3. dr. seuss is pretty great eh!?

  4. What an awesome print! Yes, go back and get it!

  5. When I saw your instagram pic of that map yesterday I had no idea it came from Homegoods! Girl go back and get that!

  6. I love that map photo. I saw one similar at Hobby Lobby but made out of license plates. Go get that map, you will never regret!


  7. If *you* dont go buy that print...I might. It's GORGEOUS!

  8. You should buy it! I love all the things you love! Especially Dr. Seuss :)

  9. Visiting from the Something Good project linkup :) I LOVE that print! You should definitely go back and get it! And I love nail polish too. I almost always wear it.

  10. I could have written that EXACT list, my friend! I knew I liked you!! :)

  11. Just found your blog through the do something good link up and am finally getting around to commenting! I feel you on the nail polish. I have become absolutely obsessed the last few years- ALWAYS want polish on my nails!

    new follower :)

  12. I love maps too, especially quirky ones. This print you've posted here is awesome!


  13. 1. I love that print.
    2. Sometimes I feel that way about blogging too so I just don't do it.
    3. You're awesome.

  14. graphic design and photography are definitely things that i want to learn more about!
    xo TJ

  15. I was just thinking the same thing about my blogging. I want to be as authentic as possible on my blog and that includes not posting every day! Lol. I get so competitive with myself though that I feel like I SHOULD post every day, but I'm learning that it's okay to post only when I have something authentic to say. Forcing it only leads to mediocre posts that feel forced.

    1. PS: That's an awesome map! You should definitely get it! ;P


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