Friday Five

May 18, 2012

It's been a while since I have done one of these posts, but here I am back at it.

{1}. Animal Twins. I told my friend Melanie that the animal she looked like was a turtle, and in turn asked what I would be, and she said a Koala Bear..and then created these comparisons:

{2} Fashion {Insta}. My blogging pal, Hilary, started a series called Fashion {Insta}. Every Thursday she is going to compile outfit pics that bloggers submit from Instagram. Love this concept and plan to participate as much as possible. Check out the first post of the series Here. E-mail Hilary at to submit your pictures.

{3} Colored Denim. I have been continuing my obsession with colored denim lately. I blame it on Kendi. I have a red pair already...but naturally I need (want?) more. It's a toss up between Gap (left) or Francesca's (right).  --Help!--

{4} Poshmark. I decided to give this app a try to sell some items I am not wearing. We'll see how it goes. You can follow me @jessiaub. Learn more here.

{5} Succulents. I am pretty obsessed with succulents. I made some coffee table arrangements last weekend..this weekend I plan to stray from succulents and plant some vegetables to enjoy this summer. You can see more of my succulent pics on Instagram @jessiaub.

I'll leave you with this bit of Friday Inspiration:
--Great People Talk About Ideas
--Average People Talk About Things
--Small People Talk About Others

Let’s strive to be great today.


  1. love the koala comparison- so cute!

  2. Love the quote at the end..."great people talk about ideas!"

  3. I'm obsessed with succulents and have them hanging in my dining room!! I need to do a blog post on those. You totally look like a koala - a cute one!

  4. I love colored denim! And I compare people to animals sometimes so that part really made me laugh!

    A Southern Drawl

  5. Love the colored denim, especially the orange pair. Your blog is adorable!

  6. It is good to have real friends that you can make fun of each other

  7. Gap!!!! Also, I think I would be a penguin. Thoughts?

  8. I found your blog on Hilary's blog on the Fashion{Insta} post! I was included in it as well :)
    What a cute blog you have! Also you should check out my latest post -- I just went CRAZY with colored denim - four pairs from J. Crew :O


    1. I am glad you popped over. I am a new follower to your blog as well. Loving your colored denim.

  9. I've heard the Francesca's skinnies are super comfortable (coming from some one that works for them)....and as for Poshmark, have you sold anything yet? I have an account, but have never listed anything. Glad I found your blog via Rachael!

    The Mrs. and The Momma

    1. That's really good to know about the skinnies. I have yet to purchase any. I have had no Poshmark luck. :(

  10. such a lovely blog,love the layout :) you just got yourself a new follower!

  11. Just came across your blog! I hope you will visit mine too! Let me know if you want to follow each other!!


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