Jan 30, 2013

You may have read that my 3 Month Shopping Diet begins on Feb 1st. I will be doing my best to stay strong, most likely blogging along the way, and will be re-working and utilizing items in my closet to get me through.

I love Hilary's blog, bow ties & bettys, and when I stumbled across this #StyleMeFeb challenge, I decided it may be a great source of inspiration for me to pick out daily outfits. Follow my journey on Instagram.

Other sources for getting me through:
-My Pinterest :: Fashion :: board
-Keira over at A Pretty Penny, because she is on a strict fashion budget.
-A STL blogger clothing swap.

any other tips for getting through 3 months of no shopping?


  1. I did a photo challenge on Instagram nearly a year ago and found it to be a fun challenge. Good luck!

  2. One thing that helped me is I chose ONE item each day that I hadn't worn yet, and styled my outfit around that. I worked my way through my closet and once it became habit, it was totally easy to not long for new clothes!


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