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Feb 17, 2015

I've always wanted a place with an office, but where I'm currently living there's not room for one. It's a must in whatever home I purchase!
While working from home yesterday (thanks, snow!) I got the itch to re-arrange a bit and figure out how to create space for a cozy desk area. I was inspired by this space of Amanda's. (Her blog is one of my favorites!) If she could make a desk/office area work in a small SF apartment, I figured I could too.

So, as a girl on a budget, I took to Craigslist and found a desk for cheap (pictured below). I wanted something small and light weight so I can easily move it in and out when my lease is up (and I buy a home-hopefully!). I have a corner of my room where I plan to place it all that currently just has a chair (one in the print below, the chair shape is a bit different). I have a vintage lamp base that will be good as new with a coat of copper or gold paint and a new shade, maybe the one below. So with a budget of about $50, I should be able to make this all come together. 

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