Life Lately in Numbers

Jul 21, 2015

25 :: Number of days since I submitted a home contract
6 :: Number of days until I close on said home
41 :: Number of days until my current lease is up
$44 :: Cost of renter's insurance annually
$900+ :: Cost of home owner's insurance annually
1 :: Number of new appliances to buy
7 :: Number of rooms to decorate
4 :: Number of rooms that need painting
7 :: Number of concerts I've attended in 2015
8 :: Number of books left on my Summer Reading List
8 :: Number of Pinterest boards I've added since home searching
12 :: Number of donuts in a dozen
3 :: Number of items I've added to the etsy shop lately
1 :: Number of items I've checked off my Summer Lou List
3 :: Number of my free Dunkin Donut coffees I've used (won 52 weeks of them!)

Image // Donuts, just because.

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  1. Love this. it's fun to think in little numbers and countdowns sometimes!


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