6 {Etsy} Calendars for 2016

Dec 26, 2015

Seasonal Beer Pairing Calendar  - Red Cruiser
Minneapolis, MN

Produce Calendar - The Little Canoe 
Portland, OR

Great Outdoors Calendar - Erin Vaughan
Los Angeles, CA

New Zealand

Fayetteville, AR

Brooklyn, NY

I hope you all had a very, merry Christmas. I have another family gathering to head to today. I've rounded up the fixins for a Cranberry Moscow Mule for my contribution. 

I've been seeing so many great calendar options on Etsy, so I wanted to round up 6 of my favorites for 2016. All of these shops have great offerings and if I had a need for 6 calendars, I would buy them all. The beer pairing one made it's way to my Christmas list. I also really love this sports one by the same shop.


  1. How cute are all of these calendars?! I'm really loving the produce calendar! Etsy has so many little gems if you know where to find them!! :)

    1. The produce one is certainly fun. All of these shops are full of so many other great things too!


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