The Holiday Dress Search

Nov 12, 2016

My annual work holiday party is less than a month away so my mindset is focused on finding a dress. My company is based in Boston and flies all of us employees (and our plus ones) in from all of our offices (44) for a big shindig. The party is pretty fancy and it's fun to buy a dress that is sometimes more glamorous than what I typically wear. Every year my process ends up  like this..
1.Order a dress online
2. Try on
3. Return
4. Order a dress online
5. Try on
6. Return
7. Repeat x 3
..until eventually I stumble across a winner... I've already tried on 4 at this point..with 4 more to go.
My Ebates account thanks me, my credit card does not. I always go with free shipping & returns though.
The top two have already been tried on and returned. The bottom left is actually coming in red. I'll keep you posted on the others..also, I have already tried and return two Lulu's options as & here. Yes, it's mass chaos.

Also, if you don't use Ebates when shopping are missing out. I've already earned $50+ recently from ordering dresses for me and items for the boy to wear to's such a deal! It's a portal to use for online shopping to get money back on purchases made. Do it. You won't regret it.


  1. Ebates is my favorite!!! My friend introduced me to it and now I feel like all I do is online shop anymore. I hope you find a dress!

  2. Have you tried ModCloth? They have some awesome dresses!


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