Book Club -- Book 1

Feb 20, 2017

Me and two gal pals started a little book club for 2017.
Our concept ::  read a new book & meet up once every other month.
We will be working through new (to -us) restaurants/breweries/coffee shops & a list of books.

Book 1 -- scrappy little nobody 
Location -- Nixta

The book -- I'm part-way through the book and do find Anna's writing style comical. This type of book (biographies & memoirs) are typically not my favorite and they are never quick reads for me, so it's certainly slow going on my end.
The location --We enjoyed the atmosphere & food/drinks at Nixta, I will say the prices are a bit steeper than we like to pay ($12 for one taco), so it's likely not a place I will re-visit, but it was worth seeing. We will re-cap the book next month at a new location and while there pick the next book.

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