Saturday Shopping -- Glassware/Vases

Mar 25, 2017

Glassware and vases are two of my favorite things to thrift. You can typically find ample amounts of this in places like Goodwill or Antique Malls. So, a peek at some glassware I either want to thrift or already have thrifted, and the direct links for those who want it without the wait/ hunt.

Large Glass Vase
This is currently at the very top of my thrift list..These are on sale for $26, which isn't terrible, but I feel I may be able to thrift for to find one. I really want it to put on my entry bench and string this DIY Wood Bead Garland on!

Small Colored Glassware
Very easy items to thrift for cheap. Perfect for air plants, a single floral,  and simple displays I just thrifted a green glass like the first one for under $1 at Red Racks.

Textured White Vases
How fun are all of these? I've been lucky to find lots of this sort of stuff on the cheap while thrifting. I would like to find more circular vases. These textured vases are great to use for styling florals, as jewelry holders, or styled as is on a shelf or in a nook.


Centerpiece Glassware
This would be trickier to thrift, so I may buy it new. Perfect for the bathroom sink, dining table or kitchen counter

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