Blogging - Year 6

Oct 31, 2017

Six years ago, I came home from a family Halloween party and wrote this post that started it all. Six years later, I still enjoy writing in this simple piece of webspace I call mine - a space to log memories and inspiration.

Things haven't changed a ton here, but here are a few things that have...
+ we've gone through two names --The In Between & now Silex in the City (and I expect there to be one more re-brand before all is said and done- maybe even a new platform)
+ I'm no longer a single twenty-something -- now I'm a fresh thirty and have me a man
+ I'm no longer an event coordinator, but instead a recruiter
+ While now I technically live in the county, I still enjoy all the city has to offer, and balance my time between my "city" life and time back in my hometown, Silex.

Now let's highlight one post from each of the past s i x years ::
2011 -- a weekend wrap-up (in Silex)
2012 -- a Friday Five
2013 -- a Lou List
2014 --the one & only blog post of 2014
2015 -- I loved all my 15 in 15 eats post in this year
2016 -- my Embrace MO - 6 in 2016

favorite series ::
5 to Try

blogging anniversary posts ::
year 5
year 4



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