Friday Best -- Last day at my current employer

Jun 15, 2018

Hey all! Happy Friday!
Today I say goodbye to my team + company & get to bask in a week off work to catch up on allll the life things. Then I'll be saying hello to a role as a Logistics Coordinator. This weekend things are low-key & I'm excited to get some time to be productive around the house. Can't wait to unpack more, organize and tidy up! Tonight we are doing dinner at a local spot with my family to celebrate my Dad's upcoming birthday on Monday + Father's Day in his honor..then Sunday we head to the Cattleman's parents for dinner to celebrate his Dad. We also had a friend gathering pop up & I may try to squeeze in a date night on Saturday.. Now, let's get right to this week's bests --

best company 
I'll miss my Beacon Hill days - you may have seen this, but if not, I wrote a goodbye post to the company I've spent my last 5 years with. Feeling all the feels today.
Also, best cocktail from the farewell happy hour - grapefruit vodkas (fresh squeezed juice!)

best partnership
how fun is this flower truck + camper bar combo! go STL!

best Amazon buys
this dress (hope I love it as much as Kendi!) + this hat that I saw Andrea wear.

best DIY tip
My co-worker is a chalkpaint expert. She's re-done so many pieces!! She makes her own chalkpaint to save money. Here it is --
Kristin’s Chalk Paint Recipe
+ The usual ratio is 3 to 1; so three parts paint to one part plaster of paris slurry.  Only mix as much as you will use as it does not keep, the plaster hardens.  I typically mix mine in a 1 – 2 quart sized plastic container they sell some fairly cheap at Home Depot.
+ Sift plaster of paris and add water until the consistency is like runny pancake batter; add in 3 parts paint & stir well.
+ Interior eggshell is best

best finds - BP edition

Have a great weekend!


  1. Looove that dress, may need to pick one up myself...
    Hope you have a great last day today! & a wonderful weekend and upcoming week before the new gig!

    1. I'll let you know how I like it..Hoping I got the right size. May get in more colors if I love!
      Thanks ont he well wishes, today has been sooo good (and sad)

  2. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and I hope you enjoy the new job.

  3. Ohhh I definitely want to hear your thoughts on that Amazon dress when you get it! So cute!!!

    1. I'll report back. I hope I got the right size & love it!

  4. That dress looks so dang comfy! Congrats on this new chapter!


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