Hey there! Thanks for popping over to learn more about Roots Out West, a Missouri based lifestyle blog.

I'm Jess, a Midwest gal with small-town roots. I'm recently married and loving the chapter of life my husband & I share as newlyweds. 

This blog, formerly known as Silex in the City, started as a space for me to share my life as I embraced what a new city had to offer. I have always been the journaling type, and this blog has become an online extension of that. It's nothing swanky, but over the years it's become a place I enjoy having as a creative outlet - to catalog life's little moments and to share what's inspiring me. 

When I got married, I sold my home in suburbs of St. Louis & moved to my husband's cattle farm. Now that I did away with city life & am once-again living in the country, it was time for a re-brand. Roots Out West is a space that formed as I moved back to my roots, out West of St. Louis. Here I can embrace all the things that this new chapter of my life entails. You can expect posts about our farm, our herd, gussying up our little farm shouse, and as always, what's inspiring me and life's little moments.

I also plan to highlight all that this area "out West" of St. Louis has to offer -sips, shops, eats, events and more.

I hope you enjoy following along as this space evolves and shifts into a new chapter. Hopefully you'll find a thing or two that inspires you as well.

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